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  • f318316-2021523
    21523 Super Lijero Bota F3183,120.20*21523


    Super Ligero Bota

    Very light comfort Derby – Buffalo – blue

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  • k60071-4060183
    60183 Chuck Ballon Cesto K600,71.40.10*60183


    Chuck Ballon Cesto
    A whole new kind of „Dieter Kuckelkorn“. Also we can sneakers! In this ankle-high variant, we have combined white calf nappa and Menorcan linen. Even if it is a sneaker, it still has all the features that make up a shoe of our craft: It is equipped with a leather insole and cork filler, so that forms after brief entry the individual footbed of the wearer. The insole is padded with a carbon fiber. And of course, the leather frame with the rubber intermediate and rubber outsole is also welted.


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Showing all 2 results